Friday, August 31, 2012


Braeden loves to go to the park. He enjoys climbing to the top of the highest play structure then yelling,"Mommy...mommy look at me." Ofcourse I am watching nervously...hoping that he doesn't fall and hurt himself. He is a fearless little climber. I think the fact that Braeden was born with health issues has made me even more diligent in trying to protect him from harm. I have come to realize that I cannot protect him from everything,the scrapes and bruises of life will come with their own lessons. Life isn't about how many times we fall, it is about learning to get back up again.It occureed to me when he took a tumble the other day,that God must see us through similar eyes...

Running on the playground
My son took quite a fall
He pulled himself up carefully
And then began to call...
"I'm hurt...I'm hurt...hurt
I run to him...he's on the ground
His face covered in dirt
I find him with his hands outstretched
His eyes are filled with tears
I scoop him up and hug him as
I try to soothe his fears.
It's okay I tell him
(As mother's tend to do)
Now let’s go wash that ouchie
And get a band aid too.
I do not reprimand him
For leaving mommy's sight
I simply hold him in my arms
And whisper..."It's alright"
And then it did occur to me
That God must feel this way
When his child is hurting
He whispers..."you okay"?
In a world where things do go wrong
In a world of struggle and hurt
I sometimes find...I'm on the ground
All covered up in dirt
But I can get up by myself
I say with just a sigh
I'm strong enough to stand myself
I will not even cry.
And so I brush off all the dust
And my great boast
Why must we fall to realize
What really matters most?
And so I watch each step with care
Can I avoid a fall?
But living life so carefully
Is not living at all.
I do not have the answers
(I may not understand)
But this I know for certain
He's there to take my hand.
The playground of life lies before me
At times it's hard to see
That open arms are waiting
To love and comfort me.
If I should fall tomorrow
If I should fall today
The one who holds eternity
He still says…
"You okay"?

~Stephanie Husted

~For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you,"Fear not I will help you. Isaiah 41:13

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