Sunday, June 19, 2011

Princess Lindsay remembered...

As many of you know, the Dean family had to say goodbye to their beautiful 3 year old daughter Lindsay yesterday. I have been following Lindsay's amazing story since before she was born. Our hearts grieve for the Dean family tonight. Lindsay will be dearly missed.

And then God called his princess home,
And grasped her tiny hand,
While those now left behind must ask,
Why He had such a plan.
When Jesus whispered Lindsay's name,
She smiled, I am sure,
For heaven holds no sickness,
And no pain to endure.
When a little child leaves us,
Our first question is...Why?
Why not let this child live?
Why did she have to die?
How can such a thing occur?
Why couldn't she stay longer?
We've prayed for her continuously,
Oh Lord help her grow stronger,
And still she leaves this place on earth,
So unexpectedly,
To join so many others,
In sweet eternity.
Her life has taught us many things,
Her journey touched us so,
But why Lord must this happen?
Why did she have to go?
If God could answer in a prayer,
If I could faintly hear,
His answer like a whisper,
So softly in my ear,
Perhaps I'd find some comfort,
Although she couldn't stay,
If He could only speak to us,
Perhaps this is what he might say:
My Beloved Child,
Your pain has reached the heaven's child,
Please don't think I don't know,
How very much it hurts inside,
To let your child go,
She sits with me this very day,
In heaven up-above,
Surrounded by my angels,
But held your love.
I know you do not understand,
And yes, I hear your cries,
I ask you to consider,
Some of the other "whys"
Why did her smile light the room,
Like a rainbow's perfect hue,
How could she touch the hearts and lives,
Of everyone she knew.
Why does her courage guide you,
In ways you can't convey?
Why does her life remind us,
To pray.
Heaven may seem far away,
Days and months and years,
A longing...just to see her face,
And wash away your tears.
Have faith child...when I tell you,
You'll never be apart,
You hold a piece of heaven,
Forever in your heart.
Goodbye seems all to final,
"She's gone" just isn't true,
She lives on in each of us
In what we say and do.
Why did we know this miracle?
Who taught us how to see?
Why did we get a chance to meet,
A Princess named Lindsay?
Sweetest child... special gift,
Loved beyond all measure,
Only for a little while,
For us to know and treasure.
Hold onto that most joyous day,
A tear,a smile, a sigh,
When she is in your arms again,
You'll never say...goodbye.

Stephanie Husted

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