Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Heart Week

Braeden and his surgeon (Our hero) Dr. Bove

My child reached for me today,
and I wanted you to know...
that as I spend each day with him,
and get to watch him grow,
as he cuddles close beside me,
wraps his fingers in my hair,
I know he would not be here now,
had it not been for your care.
Your hands rebuilt the tiny heart,
that beats within his chest.
Had others never seen his scar,
they never would have guessed,
that a man could take but half a heart,
and help a child to live,
we thank God for you everyday,
and all the joy you give.
This journey is uncertain,
but, with hope we may succeed,
we would not tread this path at all,
had it not been for your lead,
Braeden is a miracle,
(He's cute and sweet and smart)
We thank you for our precious son,
with such a special heart.

~Stephanie Husted

Braeden's journey...

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