Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Braeden...

You are five today...and as much as I wanted to write an amazing post about just how wonderful the last 5 years have been, I was awake half the night trying to keep your fever down. You are sick today, and as I wait to hear back from the pediatrician I realize that my plans for letting you pick a special activity for this evening are going to have to wait. A reminder that life never goes according to our plans :) I asked you what you wanted for your birthday last night, and you said, "Taco Bell" (This coming from the child who eats almost nothing)I had to smile...Happy Birthday sweet boy, you are loved more than you can imagine.

I have hope that someday,
When my child understands,
I'll set him on my lap annd then,
He'll ask me of God's plans,
In my own sweet daydream,
He'll lift his shirt up high,
And say,"mom am I different?"
And then, he'll ask me why?
I'll get the chance to share with him,
The long journey...before,
And tell him that he's very brave,
And God has plans in store.
I'll tell him of the battles,
That children like him face,
And how we must remember,
To always lean on grace.
That I have learned of courage,
Through the lives of those we've known,
And I am ever certain that,
We never walk alone.
That everyday's a miracle,
And life is to be treasured,
That hope and faith have brought us through,
And these things can't be measured.
And others are in heaven now,
(there lives tend to remind me)
That even when I run away,
Somehow son, God still finds me.
And when life seems to hard to bear,
And signs become easy to miss,
Brave little souls seem to whisper,
Have faith, you'll get through this.
Some may say your heart is weak,
And there are some things you will never do,
But you can do most anthing,
That you put your mind to.

I have hope that someday...
You'll do the same as me,
Your child will come running,
And you'll set them on your knee,
And lift your shirt for the hundedth time,
As your child says tell me the story,
About your very special heart,
And how it's brought God glory.
Tell me about your heart friends,
the ones that they just couldn't save,
And how your mommy told you that,
they were so very brave.
I imagine, you'll smile then,
(You smile all the time)
Then hold your child closely,
And say, Once upon a time...

Mothers can wish for such things,
it helps the heart to cope,
perhaps its even possible,
With faith,and love, and hope...

~Stephanie Husted


Stefenie said...

Happy Birthday Braeden!

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

p.s. hope you get to feeling better very soon!

Lauren said...

Happy 5th Birthday Braeden!!! Hope you feel better soon!!! Sending you many blessings and **Heart Hugs**!!! =D

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,
Lauren (22yr. old w/Tricuspid Atresia aka HRHS)


Hope's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Braeden! I hope Braeden is feeling better soon and you can celebrate with him when he's feeling better.

Of course your poem made me cry yet again. You write so much of what I am feeling and it means so much to me to read them.

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